Gymfinity Children's Activity Center (1)

Throughout the closure and reopening, Wisconsin Gymnastics Club Owners have met to set consistent standards to protect the safety of all athletes, their families and our staff upon returning to the gym. Click on the logo to learn more.

Check out this video that walks you through the processes that children and families go through at Gymfinity all designed to keep everyone safe.

Covid Testimonial

Our staff continue to follow the most stringent cleaning and social distancing procedures.  As Dane County and the State of Wisconsin evolves their regulations and PHMDC updates recommendations, we modify our processes to fall in line.  Because the health and safety of our kids and staff foremost in our minds, in many cases, our procedures exceed recommendations. Our plan of return is in 3 Stages. As of August 28th, we continue to engage in all activities under "Stage 2".

Stage 1 (June 1-15, 2020)

    • Competitive teams only.
    • Enacting new procedures and guidelines.
    • New cleaning and sanitizing procedures begin (see detail page below).
    • Open to small group events and start of day camp after 2 weeks of operation (~June 15) in Stage 1.

Stage 2 (June 15, 2020)

    • Gymfinity open to limited classes and Summer Camp.
    • Amended schedule and group size restriction is in effect to comply with all requirements under PHMDC's Emergency Order #9 and #10.
    • Stringent cleaning policies continue.
    • Facemasks required by all occupants (staff, students, observers)

Stage 3 (June 2, 2021)

    • Masks still required for ALL children 11 and under, coaches within 3 feet of children, and in all communal areas (lobby, restrooms, etc.) REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.
    • Regular programming resumes.
    • Class size, ratios, and schedule will be re-evaluated.
    • Daily and evening cleanings remain.

Click on the logo below to view our Re-Open Checklist & Maintenance Plan