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Summer Safari

Jambo! Join us for a wild week of animal adventures! We'll hop in our Safari cruiser and head over to Henry Vilas Zoo to get up close and personal with some real animals in their Critter Connections Class! We'll also be running, jumping, and climbing like monkeys through our Jungle Obstacle Course! Next, we'll trek to Timbavati Wildlife Park for a guided backstage tour where our little rangers will get to learn about native African animals like giraffes, elephants, and tigers! After lunch, we'll hop on the Safari Train Ride and see some Pig Racing! Hakuna Matata! No Worries! Fun is around every corner on this Summer Safari!

Space Adventures

Take one giant leap for fun with us on this out-of-this-world week! We're cleared for take off into a galaxy of fun where the first stop is the Wisconsin Science Museum! Our little astronomers will learn all about the science behind blasting off into space! Next, we'll blast over to the Milwaukee Discovery Center to become immersed in scientific discovery and locate visible planets and constellations while enjoying some sky lore! Houston: we have some awesome Space Adventures planned!

Storybook Circus

Let's run away to the circus! Calling all acrobats, ring leaders, and clowns! We're headed to the Wisconsin Historic Site: Circus World! Visit the home site of the Ringling Bros Circus and learn about the history of traveling circuses and see a live performance! Next, our traveling troupe will head over to Fast Forward Skating to perfect our act! Come one, come all to the fantastic Storybook Circus!

On the Farm

Old McDonald had some fun! Jump on your tractor and join us for a day at Hinchley's Farm! While on a farm tour, plan on hand milking a cow, petting and feeding many farm animals and an antique driven hayride to the fields to see corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa. While visiting the farm animals in the barnyard, you will learn about each type of species and also, food production, the progress of farming over time, and farm life. Next, we'll mosey on over to the Madison Children's Museum to plant and harvest vegetables on the farm, take care of chickens and a small calf, and lift hay bales into the hayloft in the From Coops to Cathedrals Exhibit! We're in for a dairy good time while On the Farm!

Olympics_ Gymnastics

Go Team USA! Join us in celebrating the Summer Olympic Games! We will kick off our celebration with gymnastics classes held at Gymfinity! Shoot for the stars! For our first field trip of the Olympic Week, we'll learn how to play disc golf at Tyrol Basin's Disc Golf Course! We'll jump ahead to the Winter Olympics and head to the Pettit National Ice Center to practice our ice skating skills! During the Kids On Ice lesson, we'll learn the importance of warming up, how to fall correctly, get up and stop on the ice. Go for the gold with our Olympics: Gymnastics week!

Olympics_ Ball Games

Go Team USA! Join us in celebrating the Summer Olympic Games! We'll continue our celebration of everything Olympics with some Summer Olympic favorites such as basketball, baseball, and soccer! We'll start the week with a trip to Wild Fun Zone for some laser tag, mini golf, and laser mazes! Then, we'll also head over for a tour of the Lussier Family Center to participate in some biking, fishing, and other outdoor sports! The Olympics: Ball Games is a homerun week!

Olympics_ In the Water

Go Team USA! Join us in celebrating the Summer Olympic Games! We'll close out our celebration of the Summer Olympics with a focus on events in and on the water! First we'll have a special swimming trip with extra Olympic flair. Then we'll take to the water on a pontoon boat at MSCR Pontoon Boat Rides! We'll learn about the history of boating and boat safety. Our little Olympiads will finish their week at Noah's Ark Waterpark! Swim in the wave pool, slide down the big, twisty slides, and splash around the splash pad while enjoying the end of the Olympic Summer Games! Our Olympics: In the Water will make a big splash with your little Olympiad!

Wilderness Explorer

The wilderness must be explored! Grab your hiking boots and join us for a week of exploration! First, we'll be spelunking in the Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark guided by a knowledgeable tour guide our wilderness explorers will see speleothems as they grow, explore passageways, identify in-cave fossils and examine limestone rock. Discover Wisconsin – below ground! Then we'll head out to Devil's Lake State Park to hike, swim, and explore! Well known for it’s amazing rock formations and expansive vistas from the top of the Baraboo Bluffs, our little hikers will earn badges for identifying local flora and fauna while exploring Wisconsin's amazing natural landscape! Do you have what it takes to earn all the badges and become a Wilderness Explorer?!

Kids in the Kitchen

Bon Appetit! Put on your chef's hat and join us for a week of yummy food and food experiments! We'll grab our spoons for a tour of the Sassy Cow Creamery! Get an insider's scoop on how they make their great tasting dairy products and grab a dish of their famous ice cream! For our very last field trip of the summer, we are going out with a bang! We'll head to Sleepy Hollow and play on some water inflatables, swim and splash through water obstacle courses, and relax by the lake! Get ready to whip up some delicious treats with Kids in the Kitchen!


Field trip schedules are considered tentative until the final schedule is released in May, 2021. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring the website for any changes in field trips and contacting Summer Camp Director with any questions regarding changes. Gymfinity and Bummer Free Summer Camp do not guarantee any field trip or itinerary.

COVID-19 Preventative Measures + Procedures

Our COVID prevention procedures follow or exceed CDC, state, and local guidelines and orders.
Campers are divided into pods of 10 campers or less with 1 counselor who enforces social distancing, mask wearing, frequent hand sanitizing and/or washing, and sanitizes any equipment and common areas after uses to prevent spread. The pods stay separated from each other throughout the entire camp, including on field trips, to maintain a 'bubble' similar to what is being implemented in Madison schools.
All field trip locations and hosts follow similar guidelines to ours and a majority of our field trips are set up so that we can be the only group in the location.
There are some field trips where it was not possible to rent out the entire space (for example, Noah's Ark or the Henry Vilas Zoo) and on those field trips, our trained counselors follow our procedures to encourage and enforce social distancing between our campers and other visitors and frequent hand sanitization.
Our gym and our camp are dedicated to keeping every child that comes into our care safe and healthy. We go above the CDC recommendations and we believe that it's far better to be overly cautious than to risk one of our campers gets sick. We understand that parents want to give their kids as 'normal' as a summer as possible while keeping their kids and families safe, and we believe that our itinerary and staff training is able to strike that balance.