What is Gymfinity GO!?
Gymfinity GO! is fun and interactive way for your gymnast to stay active when they are away from the gym. The program is completely online and will lead a gymnast through stretches and exercises to allow them some physical activity while they are home bound.

What are my options?
Gymfinity GO! is a Gymfinity online program with customized curriculum for our recreational classes and teams. It includes weekly videos, challenges, and other curriculum. GO! includes content for:

  • Gymnastics lessons for all levels. There are lessons produced by Gymfinity staff as well as additional lessons from coaches around the world. Whether your gymnast is just beginning or more advanced, Gymfinity GO! has the appropriate level lesson for you.
  • Preschool kids - with a video sent home each week they can follow along and get a good workout. This class include coloring sheets, puzzles, or other academic work that can give them activity time aside from the physical. The video can be watched everyday for daily exercise, and each week has a Mom and Dad challenge.
  • Ninja Warrior kids - this program (separate from the class program for Gymnastics and "Dragons) combines exercise, aerobic workouts, and drills for skills the kids can practice without climbing up your walls. This has videos created by Gymfinity coaches!
  • "Arts & Crafts" and "Kids Stuff" gives you projects that will get the kids flexing their creative muscle and includes ideas for all age groups.
  • Dragons & The Dance - online martial arts lessons and dance curriculum include lessons you can do at home. These lessons are created by professional martial arts and dance teachers to either enhance your child's home assignments from their own studio, or lessons to introduce them to fun activities in these domains.
  • Yoga lesson that give training at various levels to either introduce, challenge or allow home practice in this amazing program. All activities are also appropriate for adults to do along with their kids. Are you ready to get centered?
  • Cheerleading - Other activities allow professional coaches to teach lessons in strength and conditioning and cheerleading. Great workouts are provided in small doses to allow you to create your own workout, or to challenge your little cheerleader and keep them in shape.
  • Coming soon....educational content to enhance learning at home. The brain is a muscle too and we want to help your child flex that one as well.

ALL THE CONTENT ABOVE FOR ONE FAMILY FEE OF $75 MONTH - there's no separate fees for your kids who want to be involved in multiple programs!

  • Gymfinity GO! includes training for our team athletes as well. Weekly, the gymnasts will receive 4 workouts to complete. They are divided into 3 tiers, based on their level. This program also includes admission to a private chat group that allows kids (and their parents, of course) to chat with each other and get feedback from coaches. The private channel may also feature some drills for skills submitted by coaches and directed to their group, this allows personalized training within the larger group. Tuition for the team training program is $100/month. Please note, you must be a current member of Gymfinity's team program.

Why Gymfinity GO!
We’ve seen an enormous outpouring of support over the past few weeks from families asking how they can help. We are passionate about keeping kids active and also, it’s a necessity for us. While Gymfinity is closed for classes, there is no cash flow coming in. A business without income cannot meet its financial obligations. We are trying to provide jobs for our staff through this crisis and we need cash to keep them onboard. Therefore, we are offering classes at home.
2 other important things to know!
Signing up for this program gives you “Gymfinity Bucks”, as a credit on your account. With each month you register for, you get a credit of Gymfinity Bucks applied to your account; $5 per month for Preschool, $10/month for all Rec. Classes, and $15 per month for team. Your Gymfinity Bucks stay in your family account until we return to classes at the gym when it will be applied over the next 4 months as credit toward your tuition. This gives you activity now, and credit toward classes at Gymfinity later. Win-win!

Additionally, there has also been a few families asking how they can help others. There are some families hit particularly hard by this virus pandemic and may have very significant economic hardship including no income to the household. Gymfinity is open to asking people to pay more for their tuition each month in the form of purchasing Gift Cards. Any money paid above a child’s tuition will be applied toward helping another child, whose family might be financially stressed, and will allow them to participate.