Open Gym Pricing & FAQs

Rules of Open Gym Sessions

Open Gym is for open play, activity and fun!  Rough-housing, utilizing unauthorized equipment and/or ignoring staff direction will not be tolerated.

  • Only one person allowed on any apparatus at a time. High beams and high bars are not allowed. Ninja Warped Wall is only available while being directly supervised.
  • No flips on the tramps or into the pits unless permission is given by the staff and that staff person is directly supervising.
  • Students may wear any exercise type clothing that permits them to move freely. Jeans, cut-offs, baggy pants, oversized t-shirts and oversized sweatshirts, dresses or skirts are not appropriate. Shoes cannot be worn in the gym. Jewelry of any kind should not be worn. Masks are required the entire time.
  • No gum, food or drinks in the gym.
  • All open cuts or abrasions must be covered with a band-aid and athletic tape. The staff must be notified of any such injuries prior to entering the gym. If a child has a wound that may re-open with activity, the child should be kept at home.
  • Masks are required inside Gymfinity at all times.

*Gymfinity reserves the right to remove anyone who does not follow the rules from the gym, without refund.

Parent Responsibilities

Attendees must have a parent waiver on file (unless enrolled in Gymfinity classes or teams) prior to attending. Students will not be allowed in without a valid waiver completed by their own parent or guardian. (Click Here to complete the form).

Please ensure that the “Rules of Open Gym” are understood by your child.

Adults are only allowed into the gym when supervising children under 5 years old.  Parents may observe through our viewing windows.  Please do not stand in the doorways or enter the gym area at any time.

Please pick your child up after Open Gym on time.