Birthday Parties


Gymfinity members receive $20 off any package!

*Party Pack (t-shirt for the guest of honor, a group photo to remember the day, FREE Open Gym passes for all guests, & Gymfinity tattoo)

Enjoy Activities Like Our...

Warm-Up Games!

We start with some stretching and warm-up fun for all the kids. It's our way to get the party started and get the kids fired up.

Obstacle Course!

Fun challenges for the kids; tunnels, slides, beam walks, bouncers, rollers, and more! Our staff creates some of the most challenging and original courses for your kids' party. Every party has a different course all made up of gymnastics equipment, customized for your group, and covering more than half of our floor.

Trampoline Time!

Learn to bounce or show off the skills you already know. Bouncy fun for your party; sorry Mom and Dad, you only get to watch.

The "Bottomless" Pit & Rock Wall!

Jump into our pit of foam blocks and climb on our newly built rock wall! It is fun for everyone!

Gymfinity's BIG POPPA Gymflatable Fun Course!

Race your friends on this inflatable challenge course. It's 52 feet long and 16 feet high; bounce through the boppers, climb the mountain and slide into a VICTORY!!

Gymfinity Party Pack!

A t-shirt for the guest of honor, a group photo to remember the day, and FREE Open Gym passes for all of your guests to come back and play again. You'll also get invitations to send to your guests...whoa, that's a lot of stuff! No other party joint in town does ALL WE DO! Every party gets the Gymfinity Party Pack at no extra cost!

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