Developmental Gymnastics

Our Developmental Gymnastics Program

  • Success-Oriented Curriculum: Students advance from beginner to advanced skills, building strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness.
  • Character Education Integration: Our Developmental ( we call it "Devo") Program emphasizes character development alongside skill progression, fostering qualities like perseverance and respect.
  • Celebrating Progress: Athletes undergo low-stress testing every eight weeks to evaluate progress and curriculum effectiveness.
  • Smiles Throughout: With a supportive environment and engaging activities, classes are filled with smiles and positive energy.

“Chaz is great. My kids love him.”

“Thank you for the many great years. Kennedy has grown because of your excellent program.”

“We’re impressed with the quality and age-appropriateness of class and instruction!”

“We love the daytime class for homeschoolers!”

“Thank you to everyone at Gymfinity. We are very grateful for the positivity, friendliness, and patience by all the staff. Again, thank you.”

Development Can Lead to Team Opportunities

    • Recreational Team: Athletes progress to an optional two-hour Rec Team class, with opportunities for in-house competitions.
    • Rockets: Invite-only class for young athletes (3-6 years) focusing on strength and form progressions for future team opportunities.
    • Training Team: Invite-only class for older athletes (7-10 years), transitioning from Rockets to focus on competition readiness.

Watch this video to see our School-Age Developmental Gymnastics kids in action.

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