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Let’s Get Kids In Sports Again

By Gymfinity | June 4, 2024

While the benefits of sports are undeniable, it’s disheartening to note that girls continue to participate at lower rates than boys. However, I believe in breaking down these barriers and creating inclusive environments where all children feel welcome and encouraged to pursue their athletic passions; boy or girl.

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Where did Gymfinity come from?

By Gymfinity | May 9, 2024

have had people review us and state that we seem a little “franchise-y”, which makes me laugh. Being our only location but being a product of a life-long passion, the business has been raised to be professional and efficient without ever losing the focus of putting kids first. Without ever forgetting that gymnastics teaches kids so much more than cartwheels. Franchises have to be professional and have business systems in place to assure a quality experience. If that’s how we “seem” then I say; Thank you.

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Hanging out at Gymfinity

Why kids Need to Play (or Exploring the Impact of Movement on Learning and Development)

By Gymfinity | April 1, 2024

Effective communication between these brain departments is essential for learning, highlighting the importance of movement in facilitating neural connections. The more we can “ship in” forces communication between departments and reinforces the efficiency of operations in general. The company grows and becomes very efficient with the departments working together to make new shipments even easier to receive and process.

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Youth Sports and the “Goldilocks” dilemma

By Gymfinity | November 21, 2023

As a coach I have seen parents that are too hard on their child, pressuring them to win at all costs. Result? The child wants to throw in the towel, pack up the grips, and call it quits. On the flip side (gymnastics pun), a parent who’s too laid-back and disengaged sends a message that commitment and involvement are about as worthwhile as a crooked balance beam. The child loses interest, and sports become just another forgotten thing they tried….once.

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Individual Sports: A Parent’s Guide

By Gymfinity | October 26, 2023

All sports are great for kids. However, individual sports offer a wide range of benefits for kids that often get overlooked. They teach important life skills, promote physical activity, and help kids make new friends.

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Post Pandemic; Sport Are Important for Kids’ Mental Health

By Gymfinity | September 20, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the mental health of children, but participation in sports has proven to be a mitigating factor in alleviating some of this harm. Although the physical and mental benefits of sports are widely acknowledged, recent research emphasizes the crucial role of sports in enhancing children’s mental well-being during the pandemic. This underscores the importance of ensuring easy access to a wide range of sports activities for youngsters.

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