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After The Cartwheel: Part 1 of 2

By Gymfinity | November 12, 2020

With gymnastics we have the benefit of motivating through fun for learning such lessons. “Getting it right” is fun and kids are taught to try again and again and progress higher and better. Gymnastics has no top-end. There is always more to learn and better to be done and just like life in general, learning and growing is fun. Why would anyone not want to have that?

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My nose starts right here

By Gymfinity | October 21, 2020

We struggle every day. We stay open because, in our minds and the minds of our families, we feel that we are an essential business. Providing kids a physical outlet helps them stay healthy both physically and emotionally. It allows them a small bit of social interaction in a controlled environment, and that is essential. We are as clean as any doctor’s office, safer than any “essential” store, and even more than that; we care about our kids. Your kids.

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Defending Gymnastics

By Gymfinity | September 10, 2020

When our kids train hard, they sometimes fall. They sometimes get extra work to enforce a new technique, or they may have repercussions for failed attempts. This is not abuse, it’s coaching. They learn This is the technique I need to use for that particular skill. They learn I will push myself to get this skill to satisfy the coach but more importantly satisfy myself. They know that they are strong and resilient once they have met pain/fear and become unafraid to face it again. That lesson through life provides a young person who is willing to work to receive and is willing to stand up for themselves when others may cower. They become strong of body, spirit, and mind because they know that nothing will stand between them and their goal. Isn’t that a worthy outcome?

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Gymfinity Mountain Goals

The Mountain Top

By Gymfinity | July 6, 2020

No one said the road would be easy, but if the dream is worth attaining, then a difficult journey will only raise the value of the dream. We encourage them to work through setbacks and keep their focus on what is in front of them. The feeling of return after a setback is one of the most fulfilling feelings a person can experience if we allow it to be. We, as leaders, must stay in front of them as they tread the difficult parts. Reminding them that they will be stronger for fighting through.

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Gymfinity Covid Gymnastics

How you do anything is how you do everything

By Gymfinity | June 17, 2020

At Gymfinity we cleaned and cleaned again. We developed stringent requirements that our staff would operate by, we closed when we were told to close and didn’t open until we were told we could. We stayed below the required percentages of people allowed on site and we enacted so many protocols that rather than a gymnastics program that has safety procedures, we are feeling like a safety procedure company that has gymnastics as a side gig. But we did it, because, as we often tell the children, we’d rather suffer doing right, than prosper doing wrong.

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J Orkowski

Where is the rock to stand upon?

By Gymfinity | March 31, 2020

I wanted a program that was based on character and used gymnastics as a vehicle to help kids grow and determine their own potential. I wanted to help them surpass what they perceived were their own limits. I knew that if I could share my passion that the math would work itself out.

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