Developmental Trampoline & Tumbling

Our Trampoline and Tumbling Program

Our Trampoline and Tumbling program will check all of the boxes on your wish list, giving your child the practice and skills needed to become a high-flying, fast-flipping, acrobatic master!

We have classes for all ages and skill levels that create a fun, challenging environment to give kids the opportunity to flip around, be a part of a competitive team, learn aerial awareness, and better their skills in diving, skiing, skateboarding, and martial arts as well! Our National T&T qualifying coaches are able to work with each child to ensure they are achieving his or her goals.

Classes focus on three events; trampoline, double-mini, and tumbling, and range from an hour to an hour and a half. There will be an equal amount of time spent on our rod floor, tumble track, double-mini trampoline, and class trampolines.

Trampoline and Tumbling is also a competitive sport and as students learn more skills, they may be invited to join team, being able to compete at meets around the country.

Our Trampoline and Tumbling program is a great place to get trampoline time and grow as an athlete!

Check out this sample video of our Trampoline & Tumbling program.

Available Developmental Trampoline & Tumbling Classes:

Due to COVID-19, class schedules have been modified.  To discuss available classes, please contact Gymfinity's office at or 608-848-3547.