Field Trips

Gymfinity is a perfect place to expose young children to their own potential. We know that Gymnastics and Trampolines can provide a base vehicle for learning through experience, spatial awareness and motor skill development that forms a basis for all other sports, and at Gymfinity it is all fun!

Each field trip is tailored to the age and make-up of its participants in order to help each child flourish in this positively impacting experience.

*Field trips are subject to availability. We will confirm that the request time/date is available in our confirmation email*

*Field trips are unavailable from Monday, June 1 - Friday, August 31, 2024 due to our Bummer Free Summer Camp*

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What your group gets:

  • 11,000+ square feet of solid fun
  • An organized and directed event, working with our talented and fun-loving crew
  • A weather-proof outing in a heated/air conditioned and clean gym
  • The BIG POPPA Gym-flatable Obstacle Course
  • A giant, loose foam pit
  • (Safer) In-the-ground trampolines
  • An obstacle course
  • Rock wall positioned over a foam pit

Prices are based on the number of children attending (see below).


1 hour of structured play:
Structured field trips include visits to four stations: the foam pit, trampolines, obstacle course, and blow-up inflatable “Big Poppa!”