Preschool Gymnastics

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The Value of Preschool Gymnastics

Kids deserve a good start. Some of our little gym’ers may become gymnasts, but most will not. We do hope that they all go on to find a sport or activity that they love, the way we love gymnastics. That being said, gymnastics is the perfect first step for any small child to develop skills for the future, whether they are physical, cognitive, or social skills, our program addresses the whole child as a work in progress.

Classes are separated by age to allow peer group appropriate development and skill diversification. All lessons, as with every program at Gymfinity, are progressive in development and focus on jumping, balancing, large and small motor development, spatial awareness, hand/eye and hand/foot coordination as well as inverted support.

We also include many kindergarten-readiness skills like learning letters, numbers, grouping, colors, and social development. No other program in Dane County can provide the qualifications and attributes of Gymfinity's program. Our lessons are not created in a far-away office by "curriculum experts" with questionable qualifications in the field, they are designed and implemented by the same people who teach the classes. That is how we know they are the perfect fit for your kids.

Why Gymfinity for preschool age kids?

We understand your kids. Our instructors and leaders are well versed in child development. We’re not people who entered the children’s activity field as a business, or people who learned gymnastics from a corporate handbook. We do what we do because we love children, we love gymnastics and we love to share. Our directors are in a constant state of learning and improving our program. We are affiliated with child development organizations as well as gymnastics and sports organizations. Our staff is always learning. We don’t fall back on attending a one time corporate training to learn to teach, we live our teaching role so your kids learn from the best versed and most qualified instructors.

Our facility is unparalleled in the area. We are what the boutique strip mall gyms jealously refer to as a “Big Box” gym. That just means we have more elbow room, more equipment, and more advanced lessons. We’re proud of our “Big” reputation.

Our Programs

Available Preschool Gymnastics Classes: 

We don't have seasons or sessions! Our classes are charged on a monthly basis (tuition price is based on 4 classes/month).

Students are able to start and stop their enrollment with Gymfinity whenever they like and aren't obligated to finish a season or session.

*Registration for classes also requires membership with Gymfinity. The membership fee of $75 for the 2023-2024 year (9/1/23-8/31/24) must be paid prior to attending. This fee covers your whole family for the year.