Gymfinity Warrior

Our Gym Warrior Program

Our Gymfinity Warrior class has it all! In the gym, warriors will visit the obstacle course, created with class goals and curriculum in mind, giving the student ample opportunity to try, receive help, and master skills while working on agility, an essential skill in parkour. They will test their strength in our trench pit and on the climbing ropes, and visit stations to focus on balance. There is an emphasis on gymnastics as well where they will learn cartwheels, flips, and the basic shaping of their body helping them achieve new skills, and spend class time applying what they have learned on the trampolines. This class uses special equipment like our Warrior Rig, allowing kids to swing from ring to ring, our Warrior Wall, our version of the Warp Wall, allowing kids to reach 8 ft, 10 ft, or 12 ft., and our Climbing Wall with routed paths based on the child's class level. Students are tested every 8 weeks on their skills in a low-key, no-pressure format to assure progress and to evaluate the performance of our staff.

Please note that students previously received a free Gym Warrior t-shirt upon registration which was the required uniform for class. Effective August 2019, students are no longer required to wear a Gym Warrior shirt to class and will not receive a free shirt upon enrolling in the class.

Shirts will be available for purchase, if you wish to still own one, in the pro-shop for $15. If you purchase a Gym Warrior shirt at the time of registration, you will be able to get one for $10; a $5 discount.

Available Gym Warrior Classes:

Due to COVID-19, class schedules have been modified.  To discuss available classes, please contact Gymfinity's office at or 608-848-3547.