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By comparison

By Gymfinity | August 5, 2019

Keep in mind that you are the one that defines success. So, making the comparison to someone else’s concept will never get you there. The investment of your time, your mind, and your own work will always payout. After all, if they did it, and they’re not so special, then so can you; on your terms, in your way, in your time.

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Sleeping AThlete

Is Sleep as Important as Diet and Exercise?

By Gymfinity | June 17, 2019

Here is a guest post from a friend, Elizabeth Petty, who has years of background in sleep science and has a website “Mattress Advisor” that helps people understand the importance of sleep and recovery and assists in informing people about sleep products that can make for a more restful and productive night.

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Gymfinity yard sign gymnastics

How Does Gymfinity define Success

By Gymfinity | May 8, 2019

Success can be measured in many ways. Winning in competition, bringing home a trophy, or qualifying for a championship can all be rewarding. However, they are not the most important way to measure success.

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Gymfinity Goal setting

Payday is comin’ are you ready to make a deposit.

By Gymfinity | April 23, 2019

What kind of feedback would you like from someone whose opinion means a lot to you? Sure we would like our bosses to come across with more cash, but that’s not always what we “need”.

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Gymnastics Gymfinity Coach J Orkowski

“Selling” what we do as gymnastics coaches

By Gymfinity | April 5, 2019

I believe that everything I have in my life is because my big brother Harold introduced me to gymnastics. I went to college, started coaching, started a business, grew a nationally competitive team, built a top-notch staff, met a great woman and had great children: all because of gymnastics.

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Maya Gymfinity

A Mom’s Letter to Gymnastics

By Gymfinity | March 22, 2019

This weekend is the state meet for our Level 7-10 gymnasts. For some it it is the meet before the Regional Championship, and for some it is end of a season. Still for others it is the end of a career. This year we say good-bye to 4 seniors (one of which will compete in college) and one long term term member who is hanging up her leotard.

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