Birthday Party FAQs

Can I bring in my own food? What kinds?

List of foods that are accepted: subs, pizza and other easy to eat options. Snacks, fruit, veggies and desserts are also okay to bring. No crockpots, roasters or similar items can be used. If you’d like to bring something not listed, please reach out to the events manager to get it approved.

Why can't I find the date and time I want for my party on your website? There are a few reasons the date and/or time you are hoping for is unable to be booked: a party is already booked at that time, Gymfinity is closed, or the party date you are choosing is less than 7 days away from the current date. *WE ONLY OFFER PARTIES ON SUNDAYS*

Are these parties a good fit for all ages? It depends. We don't suggest parties for kids under 4 years old because the activities require certain gross and fine motor skills and the 75 minutes of activity in the gym can be exhausting for little ones. However, you know your child best.

Are Gymfinity birthday parties like trampoline parks?: No. We believe that we offer a safer and more fun option for birthday parties! As part of our safety commitment, we do not allow anyone over the age of 18 on any gymnastics equipment nor the trampolines.

Does the maximum number of children in the size of a party include the birthday child?: Yes! The 15 included children includes the birthday child. Any additional children over the 15 limit will incur a fee of $12 each.

A party guest wants their sibling to join in the fun! Can they do other activities or purchase an open gym pass to play during the party time like a trampoline park? YES! Any additional participants in the gym will be billed to the party host and will be included as a guest in the group. Since parties rent the entire gym, we cannot offer any passes to play at the same time as parties. It is up to the party family's discretion if they want to extend an invitation to siblings of guests.

What happens during the party?:  75 minutes are spent in the gym doing obstacle courses, jumping on trampolines, playing organized gym games, and racing through our huge inflatable with a 16 foot slide!

After the 75 minutes of gym activity, it is time for more fun in the party room for 30 minutes! This can include pizza, cake/cupcakes, singing happy birthday, and/or opening gifts. Please note that you have 30 minutes in the party room, and if that is exceeded, there will be a “room overage” charge.

Can we open presents in the party room? If you feel that there is enough time, we can certainly assist in getting presents ready to be opened! Typically, the 30 minutes in the party room is just enough time to eat pizza and cupcakes, sign the birthday t-shirt, and hand out party favors.  

How much food should I order for my party?: This is entirely up to you-after all, you know your party guests best! However, our VIP party package includes the amount of pizza/cupcakes that typically can feed a party of 15 guests. If you are bringing more than 18 guests, you will likely need to order additional food (additional cost).

Is the food you provide peanut-free?: Yes! The pizza and cupcakes are peanut-free! We cannot guarantee that food was prepared in a nut-free facility.

Can you accommodate someone with a gluten allergy?: Yes! We understand that some guests may need special food accommodations! We can order you a gluten-free pizza for an additional fee, but we are not able to order gluten-free cupcakes. Please discuss with our Events Manager for more information. 

Do you have a freezer for ice cream or ice cream cakes?:  We don't but we can happily house your cooler in a safe place until the cake is ready to cut!

Can I bring decorations?: Yes! You can bring items to jazz up the party room like table decorations, cupcake toppers, balloons, etc. Each party room has a tablecloth. Families are not able to tape anything to the walls or ceiling. 

Do the birthday child and guests need to fill out participation waivers?:  Yes! Our participation forms are to be filled out YEARLY! If you have not been to Gymfinity for a while, odds are you need to fill out the form! Here's a link to the form:

Do I get invitations?: Yes! The link is located in each email that you receive from our events department. You can fill in your information and hand them/ mail them! You can print and hand write the information in or… if you have Adobe PDF, you can open the document, go to tools across the top, select "fill & sign," and insert text boxes to type the information in and print multiple copies!

Can I use a coupon on my party/are there discounts?: Yes, and yes! We offer $20 off a party if you are a Gymfinity Member. (If you are not a member and are interested in becoming one or want more information, ask the front desk!) You are also able to apply other coupons but are unable to use more than one coupon. You can pair a membership discount with a coupon!

What if I need to arrive early/stay later in the party rooms to set up and break down decorations?:  We are more than happy to accommodate any extra time setting up your party room! You may arrive 15 minutes prior to the party start time for set up and stay 5 minutes after your party time ends for break down. Our awesome party hosts are always available to help with any decorating and cleaning up!! If you stay late or arrive early, outside the times listed above, you will be charged a $35 room overage fee.

Can I cancel my party?:  Yes. If a problem arises and you must cancel your party, you can do so by emailing The $100 deposit is non-refundable.

Can I reschedule my party?: Rescheduling a party can be discussed on a party-to-party basis, based on circumstances, availability and Gymfinity staffing.  If there is a scheduling conflict and you wish to reschedule for a future date, please e-mail as soon as possible.

Can I change my party booking?:  Did you book an Elite package party and wish you had booked a VIP package party? Did you choose two add-on pizzas, and now you want twelve? Changes can be made to your party booking through 5PM the Sunday before your party (one week in advance)! To make changes, e-mail or call (608) 848-3547.