Gymfinity removes the Flyers Cheer program

Today was a sad day. We decided to eliminate our Flyers Cheer program and said good bye to many young girls who grew up at Gymfinity. We will miss them all and wish them and their families the best of luck. 

Gymfinity started the Flyers Cheer program 5 years ago and nurtured it to over 75 children at it’s peak. Recently a few parents, jealous of our success, decided they knew how to do it better and that they would split off and begin their own cheer program. The new program, tentatively called Capitol City Cheer made good use of the program created and grown at Gymfinity by convincing it’s membership to leave the gym that trained them and follow to a new gym, a gym of milk and honey.  Our staff resigned to follow as well and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Over the last year we have seen our team improve in the standings but lose members because the director’s focus was not on developing good kids into good cheerleaders, it became all about winning. This shortsighted philisophical bend was in conflict with Gymfinity’s mission and overall view that we should first focus on character and eventually we would see the accolades in competition and in our children’s smiles.  Developing character is tough. The staff gave in to a vocal minority of disgruntled parents who needed their children to win to validate their own parenting and have no interest in the quality of their child’s greater development. I guess after 29 years in this business, I understand children but there are just some adults I will never “get”.

Gymfinity has decided that we will not seek new staff to replace the staff that resigned. We will no longer harbor a cheer program and we have chosen to pursue the programs that we do best.  Our character development centered programs for Gymnastics, Tumbling and Fitness are near to our hearts and we feel that our parents in those programs do “get it”.  Our Gymnastics and TnT programs have children with supportive parents and those programs have been home to State, Regional and National Champions.  The accolades and smiles are there. Our staff will continue to assist caring parents in developing good children, in and through sport.

We are so proud of the development Gymfinity provided our Flyers team kids through our program and we hate to see them go. We don’t resent one minute of our relationship with them. We had a good staff, albeit weak-willed, who honored our program with their efforts.  We are sure that our former Flyer’s kids will experience success, but at what cost we don’t know. We wish them all the luck and want them to know that our hearts are forever with them.