Gymfinity’s goal is to W.I.N. every meet and workout.

I recently found this written in a gymnastics blog and I wanted to reference it here because it parallels Gymfinity’s  philosophy: I have paraphrased it in this post.

Gymfinity’s goal and what we expect from our gymnasts in each meet is to W.I.N. 

By that we mean; W.I.N. as an acronym that stands for “What’s Important Now?”  The answer to that question, in both workouts and the competitive setting (and life in general), is to do the best job you are capable of in each moment

                That doesn’t mean just showing up for workout and going through your paces, that means giving your best effort on each attempt as if there was a secret TV show filming you for a special titled “A Passion for Excellence!” We know that on some days they may be tired and sore but this is where the gymnast with the will to W.I.N. (What’s Important Now?) decides to focus, to give that extra effort that will make her a success while others are satisfied to make excuses.

                You can tell a gymnast who focuses on “What’s Important Now?” because when she talks to herself or to others her attitude is not “I’ll try…”, her attitude and effort each time is “I will do my best!” 

                At a meet we may find that their best is 17th place, and that is a success, for that person.  However, if someone takes 1stplace with a noticeably sloppy job, a lackadaisical attitude, or an attitude that is not modest and humble and grateful; then that “Victory” is not a victory at all. In fact it’s a failure that reflects on the gymnast, the coach, the gym and the parents of that “winner”. 

                We know making mistakes is a necessary part of both workouts and competition, in essence; “it happens”.  One of the major keys to being a great competitor is learning to accept mistakes as a normal part of the learning process.  Each mistake overcome is another rung on the ladder of success.  Some of those rungs (mistakes) may take longer than others so kids (and their parents) need to be patient and remember to focus on “What’s Important Now?” 

                A gymnast’s goal throughout the season, at home, in school, or life in general is to constantly ask themselves the question: “What’s important now?”  If the answer is to focus and always do their best, they will always WIN. Guaranteed.

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