Lets get ready for the Olympics

I am very excited about the upcoming Olympic games. Granted there will be no gymnastics, trampoline or swimming but I still feel that I have caught Olympic fever. Watching athletes come together in peace to battle through sport is exhilarating. Knowing that when the games are over the athletes will part as friends who shared a common dream, to represent their country in performing at their personal best. How glorious to be chosen to represent your nation in this endeavor; and how truly patriotic we feel as we watch American’s take their place in the games playing in our name. Every country has people just like us, they watch, they cheer and they are enthusiastically loyal to their own land. Despite borders, despite politics, despite problems, for 2 weeks we are out there and competing with the world on a level playing field. I am always in awe.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said ” Sports provides a role model for peace and harmony and friendship.” I believe that if we as coaches and teachers of sport are not treating every practice session and every game/meet/tournament as if we hold the potential for shaping tomorrow in our hands then we are doing a disservice to our athletes, their families and the world in general, It may sound like I’m on a high horse, but I believe this to be true. Through sports we can develop children to be the heroes of tomorrow, not just in games but in life.

In this video, you will see how athletes, mere players of games, can transform, and are transforming, the world.


As the games start tomorrow, I wish the athletes from every country the best of luck and thank them for providing us our pride, our hopes and our dreams.

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