Gymfinity’s Secret Sauce

Coach Kelly leads her beam class

I hesitate to share this content because it is the secret sauce that makes Gymfinity Gymfinity. I worried that my competitors could try to capitalize on what we have. But upon further thought realized that there is no way anyone could duplicate or do better than what we are doing. And I guess it is no secret that our secret is  our people. We have assembled the best teachers and coaches of any gym I have seen. It is quality in the head: being able to teach and educate kids, and in the heart; having a passion for teaching, learning, and impacting others that makes these very special coaches.

We recently had an all-staff meeting/dinner and at the end of the meeting I asked 2 questions: the first was a request for each member to share “What is the best part of being you at Gymfinity”. I knew it was an awkward question and no explanation was given. I wanted them to interpret what I was asking by themselves and what I got was everything I wanted.  Here are some responses, some are paraphrased, and some are not. 

  • I feel like I know Gymfinity well.
  • 3 people said that they love sharing their passion for gymnastics with people, and one said sharing it in a “family setting”.
  • I feel like I am well trained across many departments.
  • I love being able to breakdown skills to smaller parts and then watching the progress they make.
  • I always feel positive when I am here.
  • I like being able to work with different levels of kids and with so many good coaches.
  • I like feeling good about the work I am doing.
  • 2 people shared that they feel that it’s great to interact with families.
  • I like motivating others to try their best.
  • I like that I am able to share my own ideas and see my input influence action.
  • 4 people said that they feel like they are impacting other people’s lives in a positive way.
  • I like being able to develop athletes that turn out to be great people.
  • I like that I have learned to multitask and to persevere through any challenge.
  • I like that I can have fun with kids and show them cool things
  • I love inspiring goals and then helping them attain them (This is one of my favorites)
  • I love feeling that I can be myself

I was so impressed that so many of the statements were other-focused. This is testimonial to the quality of the people who work at Gymfinity. Even the ones that were self-focused were about improving and advancing themselves. Great insight. I could not be prouder of the people with whom I am privileged to work.  As Gymfinity families, I am sure you have noticed the level of quality we provide.  Please don’t be shy in telling them that you appreciate their work too.

Shameless plug (and I never do this): As I am sure you are aware, there is a labor shortage in every market and Gymfinity is no exception. We are always taking applicants and though we are only seeking the best of the best, we would love it if you referred others to us. My theory is that great people know other great people, and I think if a referral comes from someone in the program, we have a better chance of finding that good fit.  Thank you.

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