Reasons why Gymfinity staff is the BEST in Dane County

What a great weekend! This last weekend Gymfinity was the host to a gymnastics summit. 6 Wisconsin gyms grouped together to bring a professional staff trainer from St. Louis Missouri in to assist with a group staff training. Coach/Business owner and lecturer Tom Burgdorf travelled to Madison to present to the staff from Gymfinity, Altius (Franklin Wisconsin), CSA Kids (Janesville), Wind Lake Gymnastics (Wind Lake), Gymtastics (Watertown), and Aerial Gymnastics (Green Bay).

Friday night was a summit meeting of the gym owners and the topics included the gymnastics industry’s expectations from the economic down turn to planning for mini competitions between the attending gyms and creating a Wisconsin Small Club League.  Saturday morning was a lecture and training session for staff at the Director level and for all office staff. Saturday afternoon was a lecture and training for all instructors. 

The feedback from Gymfinity staff was very positive and our coaches came out very motivated for the fall sessions. I was very proud of our staff; they were interactive and presented great questions and discussion topics. Many of the topics covered include discussions of professionalism and providing customer service. I am proud to say that Gymfinity has had, and will continue to have, high standards in both of these areas. “It was a great compliment to hear from Tom” said Gymfinity GymCRAZIum director Wendy Rupiper, “that Gymfinity far exceeds most of the clubs he’s visited  in terms of professionalism, customer service policy and cleanliness, we’ve worked hard in all of  those areas to provide for our client families.”

There were over 45 people in attendance and 24 were from Gymfinity. J Orkowski, Gymfinity owner and coach said “We pride ourselves in having a well trained staff, we try to provide opportunities for out people to grow in this business, it helps them develop as coaches and people and it guarantees that Gymfinity maintains it’s reputation as having the BEST staff in the area.” 

Over the next month Gymfinity will send 4 staff members to the Gymnastics Education Workshop held in Milwaukee AND 5 staff to the Region 5 Congress for gymnastics held this year in Schaumburg Illinois. The Gymnastics Educational Workshop is a technical training session to advance a coaches ability in spotting, skill breakdown and skill teaching techniques.  Staff in attendance will return to Gymfinity and present what they have learned to the entire staff. At the Illinois Congress, there will be presentations on technique, business, pre-school and developmental gymnastics and advanced skills. Also in  September Gymfinity’s Tumble and Trampoline coach Scott Nilles will travel to the National Congress for TnT.

Gymfinity believes in making the investment in it’s staff as the dividend paid is a benefit to the children and families that attend the gym.  “We have people who call us the BEST, and we have been voted BEST in Dane County,” says Orkowski “it is imperative that we maintain the high standards that gave us our reputation.”

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