Shopping with Gymfinity, and why

In the past Gymfinity has offered scholarships to people who could not afford to pay for a class at our own cost. We found that giving classes or programs away gave them no value for the people who received them. We implemented a work study program and found that people who were in need were also short of time and couldn’t commit to helping out in the gym for a discount. In essence we found ourselves giving away the gym and not getting anything back; no commitmnet to continue or no will to help us out. We felt scholarships were the right thing to do because we do belive that our service is something that benefits children, period. Gymnastics, yes, tumbling, sure, fitness, of course but Gymfinity in general, more than everything else, is good for kids. All kids. But as a business we could not give our services away. Now we have found a way to fund a scholarship program that, as it develops, we can offer to schools and children with a proven need at no cost to them and no loss to us. Our website has a shopping portal called “Shop to Earn” and by using the portal to connect with over 1000 stores online shoppers can donate a portion of their purchase to the fund. There is no extra cost to you, the shopper. In fact on the first page they see as they click through the portal there is a link to discount codes that can be applied to the check out at the end of your web transaction.

So: Click the link; find your store and shop. The money goes to the store, Gymfinity does not handle or record any of the transactions, this is all done through the store itself. The service will send us the credit after the purchases are made. If this is effective we will have the link there permanently.

Target, Home Depot Hardware, clothes, Nike, gifts, business, office supplies (that’s where we buy them for Gymfinity), even school books are available. In fact one shopper returned their college text books to their school bookstore and then re-purchased them through our portal, at a discounted price with a portion donated to a worthy cause. Please check the link above or on the home page of our website and explore all the stores. The only warning is, when you purchase from one store, you must return to the main portal page to go to another store, you cannot just type the URL to switch stores. Doing so doesn’t allow the shopping tracker to track the reference for the purchase. Please encourage your friends and family and we invite you too to use the portal. We will need (on average) $1600 of purchases per month to fund one month of class for a needy child. Will you help a child out, could you do your part to help us help the community? Yes, just  shop at and thank you.

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