The People with your kids

Along with the “boy he got lucky on the weather today” comments the halls were flooded with the conversations about why Mr. Brunner was up there.  When asked me I said “because he believes in you kids.”  I applaud his dedication and his daring, I give him a lot of respect for following through; that’s a lesson to the kids in itself. It takes a great deal of strength in character to make such a bet. Of course it’s motivating to the kids. Teachers and administrators have been taking pies in the face, dips in the dunk tank and other humiliating acts in attempts to lead our children into raising funds or meeting goals.  Personally, I have never seen my team kids work harder than when I bet them “a pizza” if they meet a night’s goal. We do what we have to to encourage kids. In my case it was a pretty safe bet, maybe $15 in pizza if they do it. And they always do it. I don’t think I have the resolve to do the roof-office thing.  “Props to you Mr. B.”

In the past I had made a bet with one of our top athletes, Yuki Matsushima; that she couldn’t make a personal strength goal. Unfortunately, she lost. My team kids know that if they expect coaches to come through with a payoff that they too must be accountable. 

 For this one Yuki had to attend the first meet of the season with her front teeth covered in theater make-up “tooth black”. I think it’s the only time I ever won one of my bets. We all had a great laugh and Yuki had a great spirit for the fun.  It will forever be a memory for both of us.

I remember an old bumper sticker that said something about how odd it would be if schools had enough money but the military had to have a bake sale to buy a bomber. Now obviously there are some flaws in this statement, but the point is the irony of our national priorities. The fact is, schools need bake sales and they need leaders like Mr. Brunner to motivate kids to help their schools. That’s just the way it is. Parents should be grateful for teachers and volunteers who help fund our children’s education. Without it there would be no new computers, no playground equipment, no new books, no teachers aides. In essence we would lose all of what gives our children a modern education.

As silly as seeing Mr. Brunner on the roof is, we need to realize that he’s there to help our kids. It’s not just Sugar Creek either, it’s every school, it’s after school programs and it’s even private programs like Gymfinity that are there to help raise your kids. With the slow economy, we are all having trouble meeting the needs of our programs. We would all do anything to meet our own goals and to keep our programs strong for your kids. OK not anything, I already ruled out the roof thing.

To sum up, be thankful for all the Mr. Brunners. Support them and help them lead your kids. Do your part. Buy your wrapping paper, pizzas, and cookie dough. Attend your bake sales and other fund-raisers. Our principals and PTOs are there for our kids and we should appreciate that.

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