What the heck is PKFR anyway?

Over the last few weeks Gymfinity has rolled out, pardon the pun, it’s latest program: PKFR. We have opened the door to this new kind of program, an organized program that you can’t find anywhere else in Wisconsin. It’s ParKour/Free Running.

But what is it? My easiest explanation is to say that if gymnastics and running got married, the off-spring would be PKFR. And there is difference between the PK and the FR too.  ParKour is actually moving from point A to point B with as much fluid-like efficiency as possible. Vaulting over walls, railings and obstacles to arrive at your goal. Free Running is not so much efficient as it is stylish. A Free Runner, may run up walls to flip, launch over obstacles but spend more time and energy doing stunts and skills just for the challenge….and the show.  Combining ParKour and Free Running creates the perfect challenge of a fitness run with skills and stunts and looks really cool as well.

Our newest staff member: Aaron Burns  (4th row on the right) is leading our program and has proven to be not only an amazing example of athleticism but an organized and patient teacher too.  This last weekend we held our first PKFR workshop and had amazing attendance. New practitioners learned safe landings (always safety first), basic vaults and even wall runs; the first step in learning to flip and stunt off of vertical surfaces. The 2 hour clinic will be run every second Saturday, each month as we plan to soon add classes and evening workshops every week. 

“Anyone who has seen it, wants to do it” said one workshop attendee, “now that I have tried it, I have to come back. Not only was it a good workout, but it was a blast too.”  The sentiment was echoed by each participant this Saturday as they filed reluctantly from the gym. The spirit of “we will return” pervaded every one.  The program is available for everyone 8 years old and up.

Last month Gymfinity hosted Wisconsin’s first ever PKFR Summit, bringing together practitioners from as far as Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We kicked off our PKFR program with great style and had a workshop to introduce it to the area.  Here in Wisconsin we are limited to training indoor during the cruel months of winter but when summer comes we will be able to take the program outdoors and even sponsor local jams. We look forward to expanding this great, fun and fit program and we hope to see your kids (and you) here.

Check out this video if you wonder what it is. Keep in mind that this is advanced PKFR, beginners may take a few lessons before getting to this point: Video was shot in and around the Madison area and features Aaron, Michael Hartwig (another instructor) and Tyler Hamilton who, at the time, was only 8 years old. Tyler also appears in the news clip above. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6o4JH6A4fI]

Ready to try it now?

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