What’s with the Fire Engine?

Sunday (March 14th) I came home from a long weekend in Oshkosh at a competition. I was home 5 minutes when Coach Matt called from the gym and told me there was an odd smell, like something burning, in the gym.  When I went in to investigate I smelled it too. We searched the gym, smelling outlets, cords, appliances and could find no source.  Then Matt saw smoke, up high on the wall. I grabbed the ladder and quickly went up to see where the smoke came from. It was coming from some wiring in the wall. I called the fire department non-emergency line and they told me to call 911. I did.

Scene #2. I meet the HUGE fire truck outside and see the ambulance right behind. I tell the fire fighters that it’s not an emergency and that we turned off the power to that part of the building. They investigated and found that the outside “yard” light had shorted and was burning the insulation in the wall. Everything was disconnected.

The fire fighters examined everything to make sure the building was safe and they even called the police to have them check on the building a few extra times that night  since the outside lights would be off.  Not only are fire fighters incredibly brave for what they do, but they are very nice group of guys.  They joked back and forth with me (I joke about everything  when I am nervous). I apologized for interrupting the movie they were watching last night. Thankfully they weren’t here that long and they could watch the end of it.  I apologized also for having them bring out the big truck, and teased them for being responsible for them having to wash it (they have to wash the truck after every time it goes out).

Scene #3 Today we called our electrician and good friend Dan Clark at Clark Electric, we trusted him before when our building needed attention and we knew he could solve the problem.  Long story short, we will be replacing a few outside fixtures.

Thanks Dan for making it a priority to check us out. Thanks to the guys from Fitchrona F.D. for taking it seriously (They were called on a report of “Smoke in the building” and that was why the big truck came out). And Thanks Matt for a good eye. If we wouldn’t have seen the puff of smoke the heat could have burst to flame overnight and we could be doing gymnastics in the world’s biggest BBQ pit.  I really appreciate the people involved being so good at what they do and having the heart to watch over our little gym. 

So no worries, the gym is safe and your kids are safe in it.  We are rectifying any problems and will be back in the swing of things soon.  Hope we didn’t have anyone too worried.

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