Whoa! What’s a beat?

I got this video link from a friend and it shows a great montage of gymnastics through the years.  I didn’t plan on making it the topic of a post here, but while watching it in my office I started with just me, by the end there were about 6 people watching, we kept rewinding parts to see them again. Sue, our Tykes program Director asked “What’s a beat?” Then they showed one, she said “Whoa!” and rightly so. (A beat is when a swinging gymnast wraps her hips against the bar to transition to another skill, usually at light speed.)

Many of the skills from the 80’s and before are skills now that our team kids can do without a care. Skills once winning the Olympics are now warm up skills for today’s gymnast. There are also some skills that we no longer do, like beats, thank goodness.

If your on my team, reading this because I told you to check it out; then THIS is what I’m talkin’ bout!.


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