Thrill of learning something new

There is nothing better than watching a child learn. I am always quietly amazed every time my kids demonstrate something that I didn’t know that they knew.  Kids are like sponges and they absorb everything, my youngest (just about to turn two) is little parrot boy. He repeats everything and sometimes we become oblivious to it and then later when he says something he heard fromm us we are shocked. Sometimes more shocked by what we must be saying in front of him. This morning he gave me a “whatever” when I asked him if he wanted more milk.  Do I say “whatever”? I guess so.

At Gymfinity we are in a fortunate place to assist children in setting goals for themselves and then watching them strive to accomplish their goal. Whenever I ask our staff team about their favorite part of their position, inevitably they say the best part is something like “how kids light up when they learn a new skill.”  It’s not even the skill that really gets us: it’s the realization that 1. They can do something they thought that they couldn’t, 2. They learn that working on something makes it real,  3. They realize that they can attain their  goals and dreams and lastly 4. They learn that their own potential is limitless.  That is awe-inspiring.

Here we see a little girl who learns a full twisting back-flip. She obviously has worked on lead up drills, has performed lower level skills and has had some good direction, she even charts her own progress1. But the reason I love this video is how she over-flows with joy when she does it the first time (good job having the camera ready dad).


This is why we love what we do at Gymfinity. This is what we get to see every day. We see kids learning from forward rolls to double back flips, from pull-overs to giant swings, and from cartwheels to anything else. The smiles, the joy and the desire for more is the best reward a coach or a parent can get. Thanks kids.

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