A Big Ol’ Thanks

Saturday we held the Kieran’s Klub benefit at Gymfinity.  I was very happy to see the number of people who came out to support this boy, this kid that they never met. We had 75 kids come out to “play with a purpose” and many donated well over the suggested donation for admission.   I spoke with one mom, Holli, and commented how many people came out. She told me that her feeling and it was the consensues of many parents, that “there but for the grace of God…” As a parent too, I could identify with that. I felt that with the resource of owning a gym I would be negligent to not offer some support to my brother, it was something so small that could be so big to my nephew. Supporting parents at the “Klub” felt that a donation of $10 or bidding on a silent auction item was a small thing that they could do, that could cummitively add up to a big difference for someone.

We had donations from several companies: BigFoot Ziplines, the Madison Mallards and the Kalahari made donations for the door prizes and silent auction. Good friends and staff donated personal things for prizes, Coach Scott Nilles donated a watercolor painting done by his grandmother, and Coach Tracey Rosenfeld with her husband Tim  donated  to UW Hockey tickets and The Fortune’s, who own Saris and have their son Will in our program, donated a really nice Saris bike rack. My friends at Kittleson Swim and Premeir Dance agreed to sell tickets at their businesses to help get the word out and get more kids to come.  I couldn’t ask for more.

We raised over $1800 for Kieran. We had originally planned on setting up a web-video link to my brother in L.A. so We could see Kieran and he could see us. But he was feeling pretty sick that day and we didn’t link. I called my brother EJ afterward and told him how we did. And he was speechless, pretty unusual for someone in my family.  He had thought that we might raise $500 if we were lucky. He underestimated the people of Wisconsin.  People came out, played and bid on auction items. People gave money from their heart.  It’s true that most never met Kieran nor ever will, but he is a child with needs and good people will help if they can.      [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r4bVmYchq0]

My brother told me that earier in the week he got the latest doctor bill, it’s uncovered by his insurance. It was for $1300. He was so relieved that we could cover the bill and leave a little for Kieran’s meds that he was speechless again. But he didn’t need to say anything.; he’s my brother. And now in a way, he knows that he’s a part of Gymfinity’s family as well.

Thank you Gymfinity friends and family, thank you all so much. You continue to inspire me.


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