Our Motion Eveolution fitness program is amazing. I knew theis from the start but I was reminded when my 6 year old son, who is in the Thursday night class, explained over dinner that is caloric need per day is about 1600-2500 calories. I nearly choked on my tea. “Really” I said. Then he went on to tell me how he would need more calories on busy days and less on slow days. He explained how the concept of a diet to lose weight works and complimneted me on having a plate with lots of color (more color usually indicates more variety and usually inclusion of greens, reds or other veggie/fruit colors). I was shocked by the 6 year old. Now I had some assumptions of his knowledge, I mean he does live in a house with two professional coaches, but he told me how he learned it in fitness class at Gymfinity. WOW.

The lessons not only include nutritional information that will help a child make good diet choices but is full of activity. Each class has aeorobic workouts, strength skills and physical challenges that keep kids motivated without having to push. It allows the kids to “play” fitness instead of “working” out. We jokingly call our classes “fun-outs” not workouts for that very reason.

I don’t claim to have the market cornered on fitness information for kids. There is so much good information out there for parents and teachers that can be accessed online or in books. Watch this video about muscles: Click here

Where we do have the market cornered on is fun and challenging workouts, where kids are never measured against a standard or a national “average” (which by the way is sinking, making “average” not so good) or against each other. ┬áNo other gym has such a focus. Adult health clubs have adult focused trainers “dumbing down” workouts for kids to use and that is not how you do it. Gymfinity has experts in children. We wouldn’t have an adult train using the same skills/drills we use with children, mostly because it’s way too hard for you, but because it’s not designed with you in mind. So honestly we can say, we provide the best program for kids fitness in all of Dane County.

I try not to use this blog as a sales tool but in this case I am making the exception. ┬áCall us for a free trial class, every child should have the opportunity to fall in love with feeling fit and healthy. Not to mention, how proud you’ll be when your child starts explaining caloric intake vs. energy expenditure. I’m still smiling just typing this out.




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