The race is not always to the swiftest

I saw this video, its short and it’s very inspirational.  Watch her run, especially at the end. Her strides are so beautiful and in context even more so.


Heather Dorniden trained hard and had one outcome in mind. Her definition of victory included only one possible end. Despite her fall she never gave up. She got up and continued and to Heather, being down was no reason for being out. Being down did not define how the race would end up.

Injuries, set backs, disappointment or failure does not define us or our goals. These things may knock us down but it’s an indomitable spirit that gets us back to our feet. It’s the spirit, the persistence and the drive that gives us the win.

Would she still have won if she would have placed second. You bet. I can only imagine the home town people talking after the event about the girl who didn’t give up. In this case it’s sweeter still that she does win. But to me it’s the fact that she got up that defines her success.

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