The energy of the crowd plays a part

We have 2 seasons at Gymfinity. The compulsory teams just finished their season and the higher level gymnastics as well as the trampoline and tumbling teams are just about to get their’s started. So this post is allowing some parents to assess if they did it right, and some parents to get the heads up for now and forward.

What’s it about? It’s about being a cheerleader.

When you child is performing in gymnastics, trampoline or any other sport or performance they are very aware of you and your support or lack of it. I can remember hearing my mom say “C’mon” while I was doing a floor routine. It was as clear as if she was standing next to me, and I remember thinking, “I have to c’mon now.” Funny as it seems, it had an impact on me; I kicked it up a notch when I knew she was watching and that she was with me. Conversely I remember seeing my dad read the newspaper while I was performing. It too had an impact, but that’s another post altogether.

Here is a video from Liberty Mutual’s ResponsibleSports program. This Olympic wrestler, Chas Betts,  speaks about the impact that a crowd has on performance and how they were counting on it in London.


We often tell our team parents to sit together as the energy will multiply and that they should know that their athlete will hear them. Above the crowd, the floor music, the distractions and other noise, they will hear your signature clap, your cheer for them, and your encouragement. So compulsory parents, did you do it right? Spring season parents, are you ready to be loud? It means so much to a child to know you are there with themand giving them the fuel to “kick it up a notch”.

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