How To Win

Ever wonder why some people seem to be great at everything they do? Whether it’s scoring the winning point, nailing the beam routine, or even winning the spelling bee in school, there’s a secret sauce to their success. I can assure you that what you witness as simple success only comes after what you don’t get to see, countless hours of practice, sweat, sacrifice, tears, and immeasurable effort. You see the tip of the iceberg but the reality of the situation is that a glacier hides below the waterline to display that peak.

Being a Winner

It’s all about cultivating the habit of achievement. Why a person learns to set and work toward goals it eventually just becomes a habit. Whether it’s training in a sport or buckling down academically, accomplishing goals is something you can practice and get better at over time.

A word of caution: the opposite is also true. When people are allowed to quit, change focus, or back off when the going get tough, they are practicing how to fail. What we practice becomes what we are good at; win or lose, happy or sad. Setting our patterns today determines our future tomorrow.

But here’s the kicker: winners aren’t just lucky. They’re fierce competitors. Think about it – you can’t win if you never even step onto the playing field. And you shouldn’t get on the field of play without practice. Of course there is a chance in the game/meet that you might take a hit or two (hopefully figuratively), but it’s those risks that pave the way for real success.

The Environment

Let’s take a leaf out of Steve Jobs’ book. When he strutted back into Apple in the early 2000’s there was no I Phone, no I Pad, No Air Pods, etc. He started over by creating the company he knew could change the world. He shook things up by only hiring top-notch talent at Apple. He believed that winners attract winners, while the rest… well, let’s just say they might not be cut out for the big leagues. This created a setting where teams thrived and drove each other to success. Look at Apple today. I think it worked.

So when considering training for a sport or working toward a goal; you must consider the environment. Is it conducive to how you will win? If yes, you found your plan. If no, then keep looking. At Gymfinity we feel that we work to allow kids to develop their own goals and direction. We can help them achieve and guide them along the path, but the direction is all chosen by them. This allows them ownership of their own goals.


Sports like gymnastics, swimming, track, and other individual sports might not always get the spotlight, but they’re the epitome of resilience and determination. Training as a part of a group but performing alone means that you have no one to rely on but yourself. Succeed or fail, it’s up to you.

I have seen gymnasts developed through my career and my time with Gymfinity that went on the future success -in the gym and out. What they learned while in training was to be determined, focused, resilient and how to avoid self-limiting thinking. It served them well. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, writers and others too many to mention, all learned that they can do anything they set their mind to. And when they set their minds to winning, well, that is exactly what happens.

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